You are Music


Music awakens, inspires and elevates humanity


Everyone should play his own music – chat, write and communicate through art, music and images. Words are not anymore sufficient to transfer one’s own thoughts and feelings. Words are obsolete, poor and a very slow way to convey one’s own invisibility to others.

That’s why music is becoming the new language
and a new way of communication for the new coming,
post-human civilisation.

Let’s make this world beautiful. ‘You are Gods’ who have forgotten to be such. Music is the forgotten language  through which the Gods used to talk to each other, and transfer their will to men. Music is the way that allows every man to return to his own peaceful creative nature, and be able so, to communicate in all directions and to all human beings, the original, powerful language of democracy, joy and beauty.

Music is a declaration of life that gives equal opportunities to all of its members. Within music, races, nations, politics and religion dissolve.  Music is the only law, and creativity, its order.

It does not matter weather your Music is happy or sad, loud or soft, weak or strong, harmonius or not, it comes from You; and whatever it is, it’s your Music, it’s always projecting your aliveness, your uniqueness, your Dream.

The origin of your Music is more inportant than the Music itself,

because YOU ARE MUSIC.

Music is the most simple, powerful way to spread out all over the world, democracy and love, is the manifest of a new humanity, free from divisions and conditionings . Without nation, without religion, without politics, a humanity endowed of infinite creativity, free from discriminations and conflicts, tending towards peace, unity, love.