The Music of Life

The world is all in your head Speech Elio D’Anna, the world is all in your head Look through a day. Take it as the epitome of your life. Notice the words you say. Classify them. Single out those you say more often… Look through the feelings you experience. Classify them. Single out the most...

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Sports for Peace

Football for Peace Charity Dinner The great growth of the interest and practice of Sport and motor skills in general has definitively confirmed Sport among modern social mass phenomena and as one of the great accelerators of the evolution of society as a whole. But here, as part of a School of Economics, it should...

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The world is the materialization of the Dream

Your thoughts create your personal reality ESE Graduation Ceremony 2018 Florence The Dreamer was talking to me whilst doing a series of physical exercises, alternating between the sophisticated machines in His gymnasium. This room occupied the top of an ancient tower which overlooked the immense expanse of Mas Anglada. Through the panoramic windows, the centuries-old...

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Success is … Now

Success doesn’t come from planning but from the instant… It is in the dream, in the absence of time that one can have success.  Success is now!  Wealth , happiness, is only ‘Now.’  Success is the absence of death and fear and can only happen in the moment. In an hour or in one month,...

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The Instant

Everyone considers his or her personal memory as the most real thing… … and their memories, their own past, as the root of their life. People would and could never be able to renounce this idea. However, our memory is deceitful; it is programmed Now and occurs in this very instant. Just as the imagination...

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The Chant of Humanity II

You I have dedicated my entire life to music, and I’ve done my job. I played the clarinet with the greatest jazz musicians in the world, compared to many I feel lucky having found something in music that made me famous and gave me everything I wanted; but despite this, today I feel the saddest...

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The chant of Humanity

Most of humanity is obedient to a mechanical program established by birth, performs a hypnotic music learned from bad musicians. Escape! Find your uniqueness!!

Palepoli Musician

Palepoli The Old Town, currently the gorgeous seafront area called Santa Lucia This is the original nucleus of the city that would later become Naples, one of the most loved and loathed places in the world – the Italian music capital, and a notorious abode of crime and squalor (cue the hard-hitting movie Gomorrah, and...

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About Elio D’Anna Musician

Italian flautist, singer, composer, arranger and record producer born in Naples. In the late sixties he joined the Showmen, then in 1971 he founded Osanna with whom he recorded 4 LPs produced by Fonit Cetra. In 1974 he founded Uno with whom he recorded an LP and a single. Then he created Nova with whom...

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