Do not desire, deserve!

Time is at the service of the absence of time and not vice versa


The Dreamer calls ‘portable paradise’ the ability to be able to ‘see’, to intercept the slightest hint of negativity in oneself, thus managing to circumscribe it and using any negativity to go beyond. Each person, each encounter will turn into a game and the characters into solidifications of states of being.

Do not desire, deserve! 

Be in the state of having what you want.

Time is at the service of the absence of time and not vice versa.


Q.: Why does the ‘Dream’ come true and desire never?

A.: Desire is time. Desire is a separation between what one is and all that one desires. In order for the desire to come true, the desire must never run out, so the object of desire will never come true! 

When ‘wishing’ there is a distance between oneself and the object or event. This does not happen in ‘Dreaming’. Dreaming does not create any separation. You are what you dream, and it cannot be otherwise, that is why the Dream always comes true and the wish never does.


What exists in time is governed by timelessness.


Dreaming belongs to you, it is a state of being that is yours alone, it belongs to the individual. Dreaming is a state of unity, especially between dream and reality. What you are now, in this instant, is what you are dreaming of.

Wishing always makes you feel out of home, living a life already lived by others, wearing yourself out like a dog biting its own tail, falling to the ground exhausted. Just when you hit rock bottom and feel like there is no way out, there lies the opportunity, the way out to understand that the world is an apparition and not a reality that has always existed before you and will perpetuate itself after death.

Words can only express duality – the duel – they are weapons of combat and instruments of separation…

Victory is a state of being. To win in the world of cause and effect you must already be in a state of victory. ‘Win it before it happens’ is the annulment of time.

Fear and desire belong to a separate reality, the external world and the individual are two entities often in conflict. In the sacred scriptures, if a god frowns, aeons of suffering engulf the people he has created.

The Dreamer has not come to deprive you of the right to die, if that is your will. He is here to give you a choice, boldly inviting you to grab the chance of physical immortality in a world you have ineluctably programmed to die.