Time does not exist?

Timelessness or the absence of Time

Q.: What do you mean when you talk about Absence of Time?

A.: Absence of Time is a state of certainty: it means feeling safe, sealed in a state of integrity, wholeness, unity, within which the world is unable to penetrate. When you are in this state, the whole world is at your service.

The past is nothing but dust: the past, as we know and remember it, is created and projected in this very instant.

You’ll find in time that sleep is the worst enemy of integrity. Every hour of sleep takes time away from Work, which is the way to free yourself from useless emotions such as doubt and fear, only Work can lead you to a state of fearlessness.

Free yourself from fear! Until now, your world has been dominated and ruled by fear and pervaded by the fear of death. It suffers from your incompleteness, your superficiality. The whole of humanity is ruled by negative emotions, constantly lost in a sea of shadows. In a state of total absence of time, instead, the whole universe can expand and rejoice.

One day, when you will be able to perceive the importance and beauty of Work, you will try as much as you can to carve time for yourself and to unearth the latent inner power that is only waiting to manifest itself. You will reach a state of integrity that will block access to the world and time and no longer allow any single particle of negativity to enter.

This is the real Work and it is done in a state of absence of time. What you achieve in the absence of time belongs to all humanity. When, instead, you cannot perceive the unity of the whole – of past, present and future – the whole world feels lost, as in the parable of the lost sheep.

Freedom and certainty have been of the Being that emancipate you from sickness and inner conflict, allowing the world itself to free itself, to get up and, finally, to breathe.

Through Work, even lawyers and accountants turn into poets and writers. Through Work, the world can become sublime.

Don’t justify yourself, don’t accuse, don’t be afraid and don’t depend on anyone!

The world is your creation and to the world you can only give. We must be proactive, giving without expecting anything in return. A real man, a complete man knows that he can expect nothing from the world, that the world can give nothing.

Enjoy The Now, this very moment! Enjoy what you have and what you dream. Enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is right here, at this very moment… everything else will come, accordingly.