The School for Gods and European School of Economics

The School for Gods

I’ve dreamed of an Individual Revolution

Capable of overturning the mental paradigms of the old Humanity

And freeing it for ever from all conflicts,

From doubt, fear, pain.

I’ve dreamed of a School that teaches

A new generation of leaders

To harmonize the old apparent antagonisms:

Economy and ethics, action and contemplation,

Financial power and love.


In the midst of life, surrounded by all the misfortunes and difficulties, you have to practice self-awareness. In the midst of all the activities and affairs, you have to practice non identifying – you have to observe and separate yourself from your negative emotions. In the midst of all the hurts and attacks of daily life, you have to remember yourself, and realize that your inner states are the very cause of anything happening in the world – the very root of all disasters and calamities, war and crime of which  humanity is suffering. 

Elio D’Anna