Manifesto Self- Transformism

The Will to Love Yourself Inside

The more you allow yourself to be nourished by the light of self-awareness, the healthier you become, the freer, the wealthier, the younger, the more alert, the more alive, and the more active.

This process of learning can take you years of preparation and study, daily efforts and discipline, years of trial and error, commitment and challenge, pain and wonder and yet your very goal, which is integrity, can only be achieved in this very instant….. right now…. if you only want it.


The Will to Love Yourself Inside

Fill your being with this vibration: the will to love yourself inside, to love yourself relentlessly.

Loving yourself inside is remembering the realest part of you.

It is the only thing to do.

It is the only activity of a man who has understood that he must constantly transcend himself. Loving yourself inside is the fusion of all the loose particles into a single entity. And the world reflects you achieving this oneness. We call it victory. It is a primitive way of expressing yourself, but even if words are not sufficient, it is a way to understand yourself.  Words are time and, like everything that belongs to time, they are false.

There is a higher language that is not addressed to the outside, which must not give others any truths. It is an internal communication, addressed to yourself. A reversal of direction.

Those who love themselves inside cannot get lost in identifying themselves with a world that is contained and cannot contain them. When the distance between you and yourself grows, the pain, the anguish you feel is the sign that you have forgotten, that you are picturing the world as a separate reality, outside of yourself.


To know by being is direct knowledge

A man who really knows himself,

free from any external conditioning

reveals his inner integrity

and projects the unfailing world of his Dream.


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