The Instant

Everyone considers his or her personal memory as the most real thing…

… and their memories, their own past, as the root of their life.


People would and could never be able to renounce this idea. However, our memory is deceitful; it is programmed Now and occurs in this very instant. Just as the imagination of the future. We do not see the world as it is but as we think it is, through the lenses of our belief system. Our convictions create in this very moment all that we think is our past and our future. In it there is the programming of all that has been and all that will be. Past and future are as we imagine them to be. Everything that you are now, you have always been and will always be.

Remembering is imagining and imagining is remembering.

Both are the ‘invention’ of this instant.

Only in the moment, only in the Now can we free our memory and enter in a non-programming state. Learn to return home, come back to the moment!

Everything is here, present in this instant. In this instant, we can program our happiness, our beauty, our joie de vivre or, at the opposite, we can ask for, and be in a state of unhappiness and poverty. The instant is the reign of the dream and the dream is the reign of Now. In the Now one cannot imagine nor remember. The moment is the root of the universe.

The world celebrates and rejoices with you if you rejoice…

It suffers if you suffer….

It lives if you are alive and dies if you die.

At no avail you will look for reason and logic in my words with the purpose to preach and bring them to others. As soon as you utter them they are already weaved in time. The moment I try to express the ineffable or try to explain my intuition, I am already fallen in time and lost in it.

Time cannot comprehend (contain) the infinity of this moment. Time cannot tell eternity.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning our programming already begins. Our memory induces us to believe that we have a past and a future….we believe that there is a beginning and an end to everything. We are determined to believe that we are born and that one day we will die. The world represents itself like a mirror image of this agenda. Programming is the death of being.



in this moment…

I am the richest,

the happiest man in the world.

Who can prevent this? What can impose a limit on something that has no limit? What makes us ignorant? What blinds our sight? What makes us so small? Poor? Moreover, unhappy?

Planning, reminiscing, our past, our future, time…

You are the only one responsible for all that happens…

for all living creatures…

for all the good and all the bad in the world.

There is no world that exists outside the now and no world outside you. The moment creates in all directions, at 360 degrees. Enormity, eternity, infinity are all in the moment. Just imagine what power….the birth of worlds, the creation of infinite generations of living creatures…disasters, apocalypses…everything is included in the small eternity of a moment, in the agony of the present moment that seems to disintegrate in the past, constantly eroded, and yet still infinite.

We believe only in the external world and we constantly fill up our memory and our imagination with an array of information. We think programming is life. When we are convinced that yesterday we did something or that something occurred, we store it in our memories and for this very reason, it is impossible for us to think that nothing has actually happened and that it is happening now, in the moment.

How is it possible to believe that the world is creating itself now

and that there has never been a moment before or after the now?

The sketch we have inside ourselves is creating the past and the future…right this very instant…in the immensity of this moment….Past and Future are the same reality. The one is imaginary just as the other. Our belief system, believing in programming, deceives us into believing that we encounter and do the things that we have stored in our memory ordained by time.

The idea that the past and future are the same things and that both are the projections of a moment, is a powerful idea that is able to imply at every step what to do and how to act accordingly….

In addition, success is not born from an agenda but in an instant… It is in the dream, in the absence of time that one can have more success. Success is now! Wealth, happiness, they are only in the now. Success is the absence of death, the absence of fear and it can only take place in the moment. In an hour or in a month, when you will be immersed in time, you will find all those things that you programmed in that moment. The illusion of programming, the stubborn determination to believe that we are born, that we have had a past is the fall of our divinity, the loss of our omnipotence…We fear wealth and happiness…and yet they are the right of every man.

Enter into the now…become carte blanche, without a past and future…

maintain a state of absence…like a computer that needs to be programmed.

Maintain this attention in the moment…in there is life…real life…there is real success.

The moment is void, the ground that you can plant all that you want. Plant the seeds of wellbeing, of beauty. They will be your gatherings. For a humanity however, that thinks and feels negatively, it is much easier to plant seeds of fear and worry. The world reflects this and gives back only weeds. Bring back the attention of the students unto themselves. Encourage them towards their uniqueness, their originality. Enter the classroom empty, free from agendas, without memories or expectations…without knowing what will happen. It is magic….the magic of the moment.

Encountering emptiness scares us. Silence,

immobility threatens our memory, our agenda, and time.

We are afraid to lose our fear.

He who touches the moment finds the root of the universe…he does not need to worry any longer. He flies, abandons preconceived concepts and limits. Never forget to observe yourself. Try in every way to reach the part in you that is most intelligent. Study your memories. If you observe them then eradicate the power they hold on you. When you do not project yourself you access your intuition, dreams…poetry, music and art, the bridges between awareness and apparent reality, are born. You discover that nothing exists outside the moment…You are the only one there. It is this realization that allows us to build a universe and to then contain and possess it.