One is here to approach a broader,

more intelligent view of existence.

One is here to rebel

and overturn the thought that it is possible to receive from the world

Believing that there are solutions outside of yourself, relying on possible help that can come from the outside world makes you smaller, you become a dwarf in the service of an illusory reality that takes over, subdues you, and commands you.

Entrusting your destiny to this hypnotic description of the world takes your life away, and this causes the need to sleep so many hours.

Meeting the School means questioning everything and realizing that electing the world as your boss is beneath all dignity.

You are in the ‘here and now’ and this is enough to fix the world, it is from here that you govern the universe. Feel as the creator, the creator of everything and anything, take the universe in your hands and govern it. This could also be a description, an illusion, but it is certainly preferable to feel like an insect, a frightened animal, with its tail between its legs.

Between the two visions, why not choose the more dignified one, and also the more amusing one; why not choose to be the Player rather than a simple pawn in the Game?


If you forget your status and you’re here without understanding what you’re doing, you’ll soon find the horror you were saved from. You would probably prefer to sleep, wishing that my voice would stop renewing the memory and revive the Work in you.


You are here to rebel against a sick, deadly description of existence,

to question what has been described to you as life.

There is nothing out there. Even what you have and receive from the world is actually your own creation. Even knowledge cannot come to you from the outside.

You can only know what you ‘are not’. What ‘you are’…. you can only ‘be’.

It takes unimaginable efforts, unrelenting, daring, reckless work, striving day and night to transgress, to dare, to come to understand that you are not the created but the creator, that the world in all its multiplicity and with all its variety of events, is not perceived but created by you.

All the conflicts, wars, persecutions, and cruelties you watch on Tv; and all the news, good or bad, that the media eagerly report and subtly force you to believe, are in reality coming from within yourself and projected as shadows in the world of events.

When you realize this, the reality outside of you can no longer contain you

Because the content cannot be more than the container — nothing can ever be more than that which possesses it, than that which gives it form.

Then if you keep telling yourself that there is a so-called reality ‘out there’, you will never be able to change anything. For only when you return to your role of creator, of Doer – to the knowledge that reality is the materialization of your own dream and that everything is moldable, you will be able to change your history and destiny at will. 

The child who somersaults knows that he lives in a description of the world and that he must turn it upside down. When he loses this intuition, he enters the sad army of adults; the adult is nothing more than a child who no longer flips and has stopped dreaming.

Life is a film projected from here, from being. Here you touch it, you are in the source. Outside in the world, you live like prisoners, and to escape you need an individual revolution, turn your vision upside down, the more the world outside turns out to be fiction, the more you gain concreteness and rule.

This rebellion makes you conceive of the world as illusory, makes you see that the gravest of crimes, the sin of sins, has been committed: the reversal of roles between created and creator.

If the natural condition of man were a life all dedicated to the outside, governed by conflict, in a world made up of opposites, one could say that this Work is against nature.

Outside of you, there is nothing great, outside of you the world is very poor, inhabited by humanity that desires wealth, fame, billions of salivating beings that yearn to be visible, recognized, loved. All in search of fame, a role, a name, a form that determines you, that limits you, that defines you. Losing the contours is only for a few. Precisely what they seek makes them unhappy without remedy. For them, losing their form is like dying.

This Work has fine-tuned a high-speed machine. Everything is ready for your journey to the impossible. All you have to do is turn off the speed limiters, take your foot off the brake.

When will you do it? Now.

That’s why you’re here.

To know how ready you are, just look inside yourself and observe everything that limits your flight, that makes you dependent, that makes you a slave. Just count how many seconds you can live in a state of freedom. This is the sign that defines your existence: your life, your style, your wealth, what you can have, and what will be taken from you.

Your identification with your sufferings, destructive thoughts, and negative emotions, poisons the totality of your being… Your power and strength will scatter and get lost in mediocre affairs.

One day you know you cannot afford it, not even for a moment.

This Work makes you special, protects you, and does not let you fall into those deadly, vicious circles.

This Work cannot be compared with any existing current of thought, religious discipline, or philosophy that proposes the advancement of consciousness as a goal that can be achieved outside of yourself.

Wholeness is not something that can be achieved or created, but only revealed, dug up, and brought to light. Everything you would like to achieve is already in you. You only have to realize it.

Here, YOU yourself are the goal. 

You are unique, and the revelation of this uniqueness is the task and the purpose of our Work.


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