In the ultimate state…


There can be neither happiness nor sorrow, but only freedom

Those words were a message that an intact being launched into space, tearing the veil of time to allow a disintegrated being to re-member, to put together his scattered limbs and, for a few moments, taste immortality.

Only now do I have moments in which I understand that the world is the shadow of the “dream,” and to realize this I had to live throughout time everything that had already happened in timelessness.

My dream,

to become reality,

had to unfold – breach the walls of space and time,

cross the oceans of fear,

and the deserts of doubt.

To occur in time, my dream had to lose brightness, become opaque, and burdening.

The Desert is the School
and the School is the Work,
and in the Work,
nothing will be forgiven.

This knowledge will give you strength and a real incentive to continue to apply the principles of the School. In life, you may expect forgiveness or help from the others or at least compassion, but in the Desert, in a School of responsibility nothing will be forgiven, and all debts have to be paid.

Suppose for example that some merciful or rather stupid god had the willingness or the power to forgive your debts and wipe them out, it would be the greatest misfortune that could ever happen to you. You would stop working on yourself, getting weaker and weaker, and repeat the same insignificant life you used to live. If things were forgiven in Schools, there would be no reason for their existence somewhere.