The world as you know it

meeting with the ESE students, Florence

will cease to exist…

A new game is about to begin, unimaginable, unthinkable for those who have their feet caught in the past and their hands full of compromises. The past, the thoughts and emotions will disappear completely, erasing the smirk of (its) exhibitions, the (prehistory) (speculative lie) of media and communication, outdated tools of a misleading humanity.

The new humanity will see the dawn of new technologies: Intuition and Dreams.

Looking inside, you’ll see the world dissolving. What you call ‘reality’ and you think you know, will cease to exist … Look inside yourself and … don’t think!

Don’t be afraid! This is not the end of the world …

it’s the end of a story, of a description. It is no longer (the) time to suffer or die……..

it’s time to live a new dream!