We are here to disappear


Eat less,

Sleep less,

Think less

Listen to your inner dialogue, one day it will have to end. Listen to your false ideas, your vain thoughts… you’re trapped in quicksand, the more you move the more you sink. It is the evidence of your inner conflict. It is the state of being of someone who is identified with the external world, of someone who sees the world as a separate, divided reality.

That’s the original sin, the mortal sin… the sin leading to death. Reaching towards the fruit of the tree of consciousness, of ignorance, means that you are asking for something from the world, you are depending on the outer world, it means fragmentation.


Your fall in to the trap of forgetfulness, in to the grip of meaninglessness, makes the whole world degrade, it places it in a state of need.

A responsible man cannot indulge in this degradation

During the day, as much as it is possible, be conscious of your thoughts, your inner dialogues, your states of being. This will, little by little, make you reduce your hours of sleep, necessity for food, even thoughts will reduce.

Eat less,

Sleep less,

Think less.

You have to create things from the inside, this is the only way to possess them permanently, no one can ever take them away. Only like this can we defeat time. No external project can bring you life, the things you don’t create and nurture from the inside will fade away and disappear.


Your life has to be committed, your work dedicated, you have to remember the project that is behind everything we do.

Is there a more interesting hobby than finding out who we truly are?

Than touching the deepest part of yourself? To draw close to who you are you have to find out who you are not. If you don’t recognise who you are, you’ll live your life identifying with who you are not.


Reconquer your right of Creator, remember that you are the Maker, the Dreamer. Realise that you have always existed, you were never born and can never die, because without you nothing exists, without you the world does not exist, doesn’t breathe or live. You are the one who brings it to life or damages it. Think of all the responsibility you have, of how important you are… What you are, the world is.


What are you lacking now, in this moment?

When you get rid of time you lack nothing and neither does the world.

The sense of victory, of certainty in this moment, is everywhere…

in every atom and forever.


We are here to disappear. Loving yourself to become no one. Only then will you be master of the universe. Except that “no one” is really “someone”…

“Person”in Latin means “mask”, it is something fake, a description, something non-existent. Even in French “personne” means “no one”. Identifying with the person, with a character, makes you weak. A mask can be worn to play a role, but then it should be abandoned. You can’t become the mask, and lock yourself in the prison of a role.


Listen to this vibration. This vibration feeds the world,
the whole universe,
without this vibration the entire universe will become sick and die.
Your inner aliveness makes the world eternal, right now.