War and peace are inner states

Today physical disease and death are becoming obsolete

In the near future the idea of physical Immortality will be taught in all schools and universities.

It will be unhealthy and dangerous for the future generations of immortalists to live in the presence of mortalists.

Up to now the two points of view have created tension on both sides and one of them has always tried to dominate the other. Today, one of the great tests to overcome is the ability to harmonize the two mentalities, so that they can live peacefully together.


The purpose of your Life is to sustain the entire Universe in comfort,

order, pleasure, health and peace.

You are the Root of the Universe.

The entire world is filled with your creative energy,

healing intelligence and Immortality


But heaven on earth cannot be realised until society, politics and economics are dominated and governed by your inner being. Through self-government you can govern and control governments, wars, military armaments, police, revolutions, and bring peace, joy, health and prosperity to all people in the world.

The world is neither real nor unreal, neither good nor bad, neither happy nor unhappy, neither in war nor peace. The world is simply all that you want it to be.

Deathlessness has to be the only principle guiding the new man. The new man will have no creed, no faith, no religion, but deathlessness has to be his law, and understanding has to be his order. Without religion, without politics, the entire planet will be filled of peace, intelligence, silence and love.

The economy of your personal energy-body
is the key to physical health and world’ s justice, peace and prosperity