Try to solve a problem

Do not ‘want it’, but simply choose it…


The problem here is that you do not realise that you are projecting into your Life the experience of hope, wish, want, need and try, and that such an experience results exactly the opposite of what you were desiring or expecting.

For example, if you ‘wish to have more money’, your thinking-creative process, acknowledging you as being the creator of your own reality, must remove money from your Life in order that you can be granted the experience of wishing to have more money.

People killing each other in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Pakistan and in many other countries, are certainly ‘desiring’ to come to an end with the war and go back home but, the very experience of an ‘ending of the war and going back home’ is not what they are going to experience, but rather the state of desiring, or of being in need or of fear which is the very cause of their own condition.

A little child, dying of starvation in Somalia, is unknowingly thinking: ‘all I want is something to eat!’  The experience of ‘eating’ is not what he is going to experience, but rather the state of what it would be like to be in need or to want ‘food.’

Q. Is there anyone telling the child that he himself is the very creator of that Life experience?

Elio. A creator never tries to do or create anything specifically…..  A creator simply creates…. simply loves and simply dreams…. Imagine yourself experiencing something you don’ t like.

Q. Is it possible to ‘want that experience to stop?

Elio. Again you have commanded an experience of ‘want’ into your own reality. So you find your situation either continuing unchanged, or worsening. The Universe is the perfect projection of your being. You should be commanding the Universe ‘what it is that you dream,’ and not ‘what it is that you want, hope, wish or need.’

You are going to work and spend the money you earn on something that makes you happy. 

If the experience you are commanding is ‘happiness’, then working for money is not necessary

in order to achieve this ‘happiness state of being.

The scriptures say: ‘Don’ t pray for want.  Give thanks for abundance.’ Think of a significant event in your Life, pleasant or not it doesn’ t matter, and you will soon realise that the outcome of that event was the final result of your way of thinking.  In other words, the event happened the way it did, because you ‘thought’ it into reality – you thought it the way it happened.

If there is something you choose to experience in your Life – do not ‘want it,
but simply choose it……  be it!
What you are Now, the world is unmistakebly mirroring,
and couldn’ t do otherwise.
The entire Universe is impregnated of you.