There is no God outside Yourself

Questions and Answers


Q.  I read your book ‘ The School for Gods’  but seems something is still missing. What is this power? Is it a coincidence? Or is it God?

Elio. One day you’ll discover that all the books you’ve read for years don’t have anything to do with spirituality and that it’s all just an invention, just like the creation of a superior being.

It’s a difficult moment and yet even this is another description, another story.

You go looking for this God that you don’t find, and do everything you can to learn the techniques, the systems white magic, black magic to meet this divinity and even just thinking about this is ignorance.

And so you look for something that has a divine authority, something supernatural.  You do everything to meet it face to face realizing that it is a useless search, that there is no being outside of yourself.

Even in the Sacred Scriptures it says:

‘I am the Lord your God – thou shalt not have other gods before’.

Even the hebrew religion, like all the religions coming from Hinduism where manu, the word for God, contains man human. They are signals to communicate that God is the same as Man and the Man is God, and God is author of himself. Throughout this period that you have lived, of a spasmodic search for a God outside of yourselves, towards something that is ‘otherness’, until you realize that there is no ‘otherness’.

This is the description of our parents, of the 50 communion! Catechism, without ever missing one, the rosary that invite you to search for another entity beyond yourself.  You pass years and years looking for this person meeting Guru, Master and it’s difficult to admit to oneself that it’s useless it’s easier to believe not admit as in the Italian version that someone has made it and you can’t.

Testimonies to these hallucinations show up continually, Fakirs, Yogis are all illusion, the real miraculously is understanding that they are emanations of yourself.

Walking on the water is a child’s play compared to this realization.

You are the only one responsible for what happens

– past and future, near and far don’t leave this realization in anyone else’s hands anymore, it doesn’t belong to something outside or to another person.  It’s something you carry within yourself, you have to realize that you yourself are realization of this world that appears before you as something external but it’s preferable to believe in someone who walks on the water..

‘I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no other Gods before me’. Is man who speaks to himself, the name ‘Jehovah’ means ‘I am’, you will have no other gods before me all phrases that have been so misused and misunderstood, justify your ignorance through a priest that has described something false to you. You are the Producer of this wealth, only you can project a world that no longer attacks and has no more contrasts, a world that no longer suffers.

The world gets up with you, breathes with you and feels all that you feel and do. When you who are now 20 are 100 you will feel like forty-year-olds and will have the same strength as a thirty-year old because the Dreamer is dreaming this, you’ll see it will be so!

Technologies will be born that will take care of the internal and the external and that which is now science fiction will be reality.  Think how one lives when there is the awareness that there is no more death that there is no more sickness.  Think about your being, how it expands in absence of limits, when you eliminate the impulse of death which is killing us inside.  This eliminated, we will navigate in indescrivable spaces.  You will want to escape from the prison in which you have been for many years and when we met someone there will not be an interest for the other, but only a fusion between time and space, in which you meet only yourself.