There is no karma and no previous life

No guilt and no punishment,

no afterlife or universal judgement,

no hell or heaven


There is only this moment, sacred, infinite, omnipotent. Use it! Because you will not have any other chance. Outside the Now you are at the mercy of time – limited, vulnerable, mortal.

Q. But how can you live in the Now when every day there are a thousand problems to solve?

A. There are not a thousand problems to solve but only one: You.

Remember! Everything happens Here – in this infinite Instant – in this immortal body. All that you are Now paradoxically creates all that you have ever been and will ever be.

Concentrate all your attention on the Now and nothing else will be impossible.

“The Now is the ‘seed’ of the Universe.

It is the Now that governs the All
It is the Now that contains the All

The Now is Eternity, everything you are now has always been and always will be, and moreover before the Now nothing has ever happened. The Now is virginity. Only the awareness of the Now can free you from the trap of time and the hypnotism and deception of memory.

The world has never existed before and only You, at this very moment can give it form, Life and meaning.