The world’s endless suffering

To get free of the need of helping others is the greatest help you can offer

How many people dedicate themselves to the weak, to the poor, to the homeless, to those who suffer injustice and violence! How many people dedicate their life believing to help or to save or to free a humanity in need!

In the end, you will realise that no one can really help or do anything for anybody if he himself is not free and whole. Trying to help humanity becomes for these people just another way to escape their own responsibilities, and finally justify their unbearable inner suffering and chaos behind an apparent altruistic or philanthropic activity. Remember! If there is someone in need of help, it is you yourself and no one else – you yourself, spreading all over the world your desperate message of defeat and death.

Q. For me it’ s impossible to accept the idea that only good news exists. What about if a young person very dear to you dies, do you think you receive it and react to it as the arrival of good news?

Elio. You have to understand that whatever happens outside yourself has to have your inner approval to manifest. This means that anything happening in your own life is the faithful reflection of your will power in action.

If you unconsciously love complaining, justifying, accusing, or indulging in self-pity and suffering, that very dear person dies to make you realize your hidden, mortal vision of life as the very cause of all your troubles.

Anything that allows you to understand and know the truth about yourself,
even if unbearable, is always good news.