The others

Close your eyes and feel your own company


This way you acquire power…being with yourself. 

Power cannot be given to you by others. 

God makes it inside you…in an explosion of light…

Build yourself from the inside…Become a teacher of yourself….Power is the elimination of everything you were taught in your first education.  Power is the elimination of everything you believe you have understood, from false certainty, from your opinions…

Become a self-maker man,  not a self-made man.

Power is self-mastery.  There is no greater adventure, no work more useful than that of encountering others and recognising them as projections of ourselves, our states, our values..

For this, when you meet others, be “all gratitude”…. In a special way when you encounter violent people, because you may thus resolve your own violence… in a special way when you encounter the poor, because you may transform your own poverty….in the special way when you meet sick people because you can heal all sicknesses…in a special way when you meet those who are attentive to real life, because you can recognise our divine immortal nature.  When you meet others you are encountering the past, you are encountering yourself in the past.

Others are states.

Encounter someone, in a few minutes you can know everything of their life, you have already seen that life, known their destiny, and that of all others like them.

The more you know,

the more you are capable of entering into yourself,

then the more the world disappears…

becomes an open book. 

Whoever you encounter, encounter also a distance you have internally….

encounter yourself in time…

shorten this distance and the other disappears..

To return to one means to absorb the world…


t is you, who gives significance to events, to persons…..

you can illuminate them for a second, you can switch them off again….

you can speed them up, you can slow them down…

The world is an appendix…

a world of shadow where things happen only because you are….

The others are the solidification of our own states….

of our doubts…

of our uncertainties….  

In the state that you are in, others are pain, are fear, the others are suffering.  You need to achieve your own state of independence, that absence of pain, of uncertainty, that permits us to encounter a stable, clean, harmonious world.The others are our being materialised.   For a humanity unprepared to encounter a clean, respectful, balanced, bright, it would mean to enter a world of boredom.   An incomplete person is always waiting for something to happen.  For something to happen, something must bend, bend over, fall.  Elevation is boring because it goes towards silence, order, perfection, towards unity….

And this means absence of events, of circumstances, of emotions, of suspense…