The one who dreams

The one who desire, the one who dreams

The one who desires is identified and lives unconsciously  guided by all that which is subject to the forces of gravity and time-memory, mechanical thought, imagination…

he is a prisoner….

he is a victim.

The one who dreams instead is guided by an inner pilot who has all things aligned in ‘service’ to his one aim.  His total integration…all that he encounters is carefully selected by his dream to contribute to his own inner evolution and nothing else.  Desire can be sensed by its companion anxiety…dream by its own comprehension and aspiration.  Dreaming is fueled by all-embracing Love…desire grows with Fear. To know the difference one need only take the idea object or image within himself and reflect it with the candle of observation.

A Creator dreams…a puppet desires…learn to touch your dreams.

Where something begins, it must also have an end, because you have the power to create and discreate at will.  So in the same place you will find your condemnation and salvation, your limits and perfection.

We have to recreate man. As he is now, he cannot function.

The experiencer and the object of experience, the seer and the seen, the Dreamer and the dreamed, the creator and the created, appear simultaneously into existence, but your limited understanding perceives them as separate realities like Pinocchio, and Geppetto, Jiminy Cricket and the Fairy godmother.  There is no One unity, no God, only separation.

“If God does not run the world, then who is doing it?” A student once asked me. You, just you and no one else. You create it…. you run it…. you transform it….. All is happening through your dreaming in this very instant.

‘Wishing upon a star,’ is not mute desire, it is the voluntary act of Dreaming.  It is what a real man should do intentionally  every day – to live and create a more beautiful, harmonious reality.

Dream is the most real thing there is.  Dreaming is the most powerful force you are endowed with. It is the nature of Dreaming that can deal only with the immeasurable, and the man who realize himself to be no less than a forgetful god to do the impossible.

Dream the impossible and it will instantly appear before you. Dream!  It is your dreaming which creates and projects the incredible world you are living in.

 “When you ‘wish upon a star’ as Dreamers do.”