The Art of Fasting

Fasting is not a medicine and as such has no curative properties,

but is a resting of the entire organism

For Lupelius, a warrior monk and forerunner of the theory of physical immortality, the Art of Fasting is a philosophical wisdom rooted in the depths of human nature. Fasting is not a medicine and as such has no curative properties, but is a resting of the entire organism. By abstaining from all external stimuli, the body is allowed to regain its natural strength, the immune system is restored against all diseases and, most importantly, by fasting, the forgotten knowledge that the body is indestructible re-emerges.

Lupelius cured everything with fasting, the more serious the illness, the longer the period of abstinence, but for Lupelius’ followers fasting was a commonly adopted practice. The first benefit that fasting brings to the body is the relief that the internal organs receive from the suspension of the input of external stimuli, from the state of asphyxia to which they are forced when they have to process and digest food.

Through fasting, the idea that physical immortality is possible and that death is not inevitable becomes tangible. A holy war of ‘death to death’ begins to take place within us, making us fight at every moment against our last and most bitter enemy, the state of death that lies in our heart.

Abstaining from food allows us to focus on the root cause and the only existing disease, from which all diseases originate, not excluding even cancer or AIDS. The root cause, the lie from which all diseases that kill humanity spring, is the lie of wanting to eradicate diseases through intervention from outside. Research and fundraising to defeat cancer are in reality billionaire businesses that keep cancer itself alive. It would mean the loss of jobs for thousands of doctors and all those who live off this billion-dollar business, including the pharmaceutical companies.
All scientific findings, medicines and even the very instruments created to measure the evolution of diseases are therefore calibrated and constructed to feed this enormous round of economic profits and are created to support the lie of disease.

Cancer does not exist; it is a worldwide business that exists only in our imagination. Death does not exist except in our hearts and death penetrates us every time we turn away from ourselves when we trade infinity for the finite.
The ‘Technology of the Dreamer’ expands Lupelius’ vision and is a precious ally in winning all battles, it is the compass always pointed inwards, it is the needle of self-recognition, which allows solutions to emerge from the depths of the being to resolve apparently impossible situations.

In every single line transcribed from the voice of the Dreamer to the sentences in the books and writings there is always the same message, ‘if you are alive inside you can never die’ and, if it should happen that someone sees you die, it would be his mortal eyes that would see in you, the reflection of death in him.

During fasting the loss of tissues is inversely proportional to their usefulness.
The useless and harmful tissues are self-digested and disappear, while the useful ones remain intact.
The blood, purified by the work of detoxification, nourishes the brain better, giving it greater clarity and sharpness.
The eyes are strengthened.
Touch is more subtle.
Hearing is completely healed.
Fasting causes the intestines to rest.
The resulting constipation is not bad.
The one who fasts is strong even though he feels weak.
By fasting the body restores the order disturbed by bad habits.
Fasting is man’s oldest and best healing method – the most efficient means of correcting any disease.
Man is a fallen being.
The very presence of the doctor or healer is an anomaly.
It is the disease itself that restores health.
To halt its course is to prevent its healing.
Healing is an act of will and no prayer or worship can replace it.
The Bible calls the power of the will ‘faith’.
It is the disease itself that heals.
It warns, protects, teaches, atones, purifies, eliminates, elevates, humbles, straightens, reforms, makes us more aware and more intelligent.