Whatever is created in time will feel alien and false – transient

We have lived until now thinking that thought is useful – but behind our thoughts there is something much stronger – silence.  Silence really does something – it creates, and when you create in silence you sense that you’ve created something permanent…… 

This is ‘doing’


Whatever is created in time will feel alien and false – transient. 

Your movements are governed by the very time you are lost in, and here, shrouded in darkness you will not create anything that is stable.  Your apparent reality will change as you do – like a leaf blown in the wind – governed by your very identification – your emotions, and your ‘thoughts’…. 


Only by living moments of suspension can you create from inside. Here in timelessness, where you have defeated death, you can create something solid.

Throughout the day there is continuous movement, but in reality, things only happen because there is a suspension – a silence that permits them. 


In the midst of swirling galaxies

– a stillness –

one immobile point that touches the foundations of the universe