Elio D'Anna Calligrafia

To know by being is direct knowledge

A man who really knows himself,

free from any external conditioning

reveals his inner integrity

and projects the unfailing world of his Dream.


Try to reach the state in which there is no knowledge, but only being, in which being itself is knowledge. To know by being is direct knowledge. The same with happiness. True happiness is uncaused and independent, it cannot disappear for lack of stimulation. It is not the opposite of sorrow or unhappiness – it includes all pain and suffering. When we are in trouble, we are bound to be unhappy. Fear is the only trouble. Fear is behind all pains.

Beyond Within

The inner journey is a very hard, dangerous task. You find within yourself mountains, oceans, deserts, forests, precipices and abysses to overcome, wild beasts, horrible monsters and impossible battles to win just like the most arduous, adventurous expeditions on earth that only very few man have been able to face. Self-discovery is the very reason to begin such a journey, and Self-Mastery is the incredible, wonderful achievement that every man on earth should aspire. And this is just what a top leader needs today.

The success of such enterprises depends mainly upon the inner responsibility and integrity of their leader. Many organizations failed because of lack of an intrepid leader, pragmatic dreamer, philosopher of action. The training of a leader through self-knowledge and self-remembering: the Dream that every man has buried and hidden in the innermost recesses of his own being.