Self-giving is the sole, real giving

the Art of Dreaming interview


You give to the world only what you truly give to yourself

Q. In order to give, you have to take… Where do you get all the energy from in order to give?
Elio. Before storing energy you have to learn how to stop leaks. You spend all your energy in the wrong way — on identification and negative emotions, complaining and accusation, on lying and idle talks. These are open taps from which your energy runs out.

Stop this leakage and you will accumulate an enormous amount of energy.


You are the very Root of the world.

You are the inexhaustible Source that nurtures all and everything.

You are the Supreme Vision and the infinite Reality.

That means that you are the Giver and the Receiver at the same time.

Q. What about egoistic, greedy people who can only take from the world?

Elio. Nobody can take anything from the world because the world has nothing to give. You are the sole Dreamer, producer and the only distributor and the world is only a shadow, a pale reflection of what you really are.


Not even the most clever thief can ever steal anything from you without your ‘consent’.

Something can be taken away from you, including your Life, only if you first ‘give it… up’.