Questioning the idea of inevitability of death

The idea of the inevitability of death

makes you vulnerable and mortal


The Dreamer can only be met by those who have abandoned the belief of ever being born and are earnestly questioning the idea of the inevitability of death.

To meet the Dreamer you have to be deeply disappointed with your everyday Life

and searching desperately for Truth.

Religions, politics, churches, media, schools and universities are systems that breed fear. But the greatest demon is your belief system, which rules your way of dreaming. This work requires effort. Effort doesn’ t mean to go through physical exercises like to get up earlier or to run a marathon or to give up smoking or to undergo long fasting and all that. Real effort is internal. It is how to turn upside down our inner vision and understanding.

All religions see Life here on Earth as a stepping stone to the ultimate destination

and death as a gateway to a better world

So long as you see any part of your Being as inferior or any component as worthy of anything less than Eternity, then you are casting a death sentence on your entire organism.

That’ s why the idea of physical immortality has to be always present in your life

as one of the most important principle