Permanent Victory II

The world suffers because you suffer

It is possible to eliminate war, poverty, old age, sickness and death in this very instant. To do it, you must take the world on your shoulders, like Atlas.

You must take on responsibility to make all suffering disappear from the world, including death. When you know that you are the origin of everything, you also know that every evil eliminated on the inside also disappears from the outside.

The world is as it is , because you are as you are…
Do you want to change the world?
Change yourself

Don’t waste your life trying to change the others. Start with yourself. Man is a prisoner in a self-created prison. He has one freedom – to count his steps inside his cell, but he never dreams of escaping it. Leaving this prison would be more painful than staying in captivity. It takes courage to abandon the world’s description, and rebel against this destiny of growing old, getting sick and dying.

When you realize that it is your ‘No’ attitude that creates the world outside you, that world will have no more power over you. You will be master of your emotions, and life will become a paradise on earth. When you have eliminated all doubt, right down to the last atom, and filled your whole being with a sense of permanent victory, the world can do nothing but reflect it. This state of completeness, this totality of Being is what Christianity calls ‘faith.’

This is not spirituality, but the Art of Doing.