Painful moments are opportunities

To penetrate in an area of power

The most difficult and painful moments are opportunities to penetrate in an area of power

When you feel that pain inside, don’t run away from it… stop!

There, in stillness, is where you need to stay.

Without the ability to grasp these opportunities and live moments of suspension, you pass existence in a continual state of identification; it degrades and in time, without realizing it, you find yourself repeating the life of your parents and even that of your grandparents.

When you are in pain, learn to not touch the world, to not even (brush shoulders with it)

Stay still. Outside you would find the only thing waiting for you is your defeat. The world is your creation. In its language made of events, meetings and circumstances, it would say to you: you’re in deep trouble!

You should only ever win

Victory is a permanent state of being. To eliminate every interruption in this state, it must be continually transcended…  Victory, like success, has no opposite. Ordinary mankind lives in a world of opposites… it has made its own god of duality. This is why mankind submits to the “law of the pendulum” and accepts this vision as completely natural – that a victory is followed by a defeat, that every success sooner or later will be met with failure. In order for victory and success to be continuous, you must eliminate every form of conflict from inside.

The world is you.

The world lives everything that you live. The Dreamer has brought you the most advanced technology for living a life without opposites, a life from which war and sickness have been eliminated. Impose happiness, integrity, beauty and the joy of living upon yourself. This is the secret to unceasing happiness, to never-ending victory and success, because it continually transcends itself.

But you are divided inside and your thinking is conflictual, and because of this you do not know how to live in a world without opposites and antagonists. Believing that the world is a separate reality from you, that inside and outside are in opposition and unrelated to each other, you accept pain, unhappiness and defeat as your natural destiny. This is why you do not know stillness condemned as you are to be in constant movement, permanently agitated by the disaster you carry inside.

On the surface, everyone wants to be successful, to be rich and happy

In stillness, which is the real root of every action, and alone with yourself you can finally flush out that pain which you carry inside. That pain, not recognized and not circumscribed, broods in a rift in the being and is the real cause of all your failures. On the surface, everyone wants to be successful, to be rich and happy.  The truth is that you find every way to stop this from happening.