Notes from last Night

To exist in life you do not have to ‘become ‘ something

Q. I would like to be an etrepreneur? How can I?

Elio. That’s the old life! It comes from the description that to exist in life you have to ‘become ‘ something. If you could be aware of just one segment of your life – if you could be objective and observe that tiny arc of the universe you would not need to go anywhere to realize yourself – to see where you are. Instead you look outside and think people live well, when instead they are just afraid. Believe me – when you are away just a short time from here you lose ground…and return defeated. If you are absent even one day and return you will find this level is already surpassed!

Concentrate on yourself – on your work!

You should do things in half of the time. When we enter into something compact and essential time is compressed – Business will materialize before you!

Instead you want to go out to meet your desire – to see your wishes come true. But ‘hope’ is a negative state. You will enter into the world shrouded by this cloud of illusion and all you will encounter is time – not your dream!

Dreaming takes place and exists only in this very moment. Dream and reality are one and the same thing. How can you hope to ‘go somewhere’ and encounter a different reality?

The world will be the projection only of what you are in this moment. Paradise is ruling – governing – the world follows your dream simultaneously. If you do not know how to govern yourself you are walking in quicksand and you don’t even realize it.