Observe your fear and your planning

This is very healthy

Can you tell me one thing that really belongs to you?

Turn towards Me – not to enter into meditation, but to be in touch, aware. Just be conscious of thoughts and feelings – or to the absence of thoughts – without forcing it. Observing without criticizing resolves facts that would otherwise remain inside like unbearable weights.

You will find yourselves talking to people and many arguments will come out. It will seem that there are many different questions, but it is all the same. You are responding to the person himself – not to the question he is asking. Stop for a moment and find the right place (inside) with who is in front of you…

Can you tell me one thing that really belongs to you? A house, a car, a person…could you bet on these things and be sure they belong to you? In this moment thinking there were something you should possess seems absurd. In such a horizontally precarious moment – what do you think you could ever really ‘have’

Q: Morality?

Elio: Are you sure what you call morality belongs to you – is it objective?

Q: All that is ‘inside’, you then?

Elio: Are you sure that all that is inside you is really yours?

Your emotions, thoughts…

If you do not touch what you are not, how can you get close to what you are?

Think about this. When one begins to question oneself then everything is questioned.  

We are questioning what we thought was ours – what really belongs to us can never be questioned.

You can only question what does not belong to you.

We try to avoid what we don’t want to know about – our inner pain, doubts etc. We try to avoid dealing with the falsity we carry inside, what is not real.   The unreal governs inside us. We affirm it and we are always farther from what we really are – we enter into a world of fragility and weakness.   Everything, your entire existence is fragile until you pierce through layers and layers of lies and hypocrisy… until you are closer to something that is more sincere – when the real power is inside you.

To cut through the crust of lies and falsity is difficult: Ulysses did it – he was already a King but undertook a voyage of conquests in what was really an inner journey to earn the kingdom inside – to regain his integrity.

Unless you do this you will always be weak and precarious, unsure of your own inner government.