Notes from last night

There is no ‘experience’ (or life) in the world of shadows

You think that living means having experience,

but there is no ‘experience’ (or life) in the world of shadows.

You can’t believe in it – you are lying to yourself!

You should say – ‘I don’t have time to indulge – not even a second.’

Learn from examples, learn from simply observing yourself for a short time!

Photograph yourself and see what you are not!

Only this way will you realize there is nowhere to go and nothing you have to do!

No one knows how to do anything!

‘We are living a silent third world war,’ I told the students in London. No one realizes it! We have to be careful – to navigate through dangers and disasters and come out unharmed! Outside of here you will not even see the disasters – things will just happen and you will be tossed on your own sea of confusion until you drown. Do you have to convince yourself that the world is unreal? No! It will never happen – the world will convince you!

Without self-observation the world will swallow you alive.

Self-observation makes you attentive, vigilant, and in that attention all sense of the past and future disappears, and with it all concepts, images and descriptions will dissolve. So the secret of all secrets is the dissolution of inner deaths..this means ‘love’. Love is not a concept. It is not pleasure. It is not desire. It is neither memory nor imagination. Love is the amazing awareness of this very instant.

The Dreamer