Be responsible!

Fragment from the new book ‘No war within, no war without’

Tomorrow there is something important to face – you have to bring it close to you – we have an interpretation of reality that tells us everything comes from ‘outside’ and we are helpless before what we have learned to call ‘life’ – that it is merciless. We forget that life is nothing more than a mirror image of our being.

Recognize yourself in that reality you have projected!

Our every movement emanates a reflection that we call universe, world, ‘reality’, and not recognizing ourselves as the source of this projection, we think it has its own life, that our reality is made up of a series of events we can’t control. Life is a battlefield we don’t know to have created ourselves and we are our very own unconscious victims!

Bring that battle close to you and without desiring to win or change anything reflect it inside yourself and look at what your thought creates…. more than looking at it, try to see the state of being that is behind it. Recognize yourself in that reality you have projected!

Let’s see if there is a complaining

– a state of defeat that projects the event,

because what will happen tomorrow is happening now.  

Visualize the event as it’s been told to you – look behind it – at the light that projects this event – see it reflected in your being.   There is this kind of pain – worry –the taste is always the same. We conceal it from ourselves not willing to assume the responsibility.

It is the anxiety and fear we try so hard to blame others for – a grimace we always have – no matter what you call it. But we don’t even realize it – that bitter taste is where you have to bring your attention. Focus there, and the event is no longer clear – go try to concentrate on the state of being – what remains? Nothing! You are free!