“Man Overboard”

Man overboard, man overboard!..

but the ship sails fast

A frail life jacket reaches us….the last compassionate act of the Dreamer.

The waters of the ocean seem to refresh you –you still have the warmth of a source that will unavoidably abandon you

You’ll say to yourself: “They’ll be back to get me”…but the ship sails fast

Hanging on to that insignificant life you will say to yourself – How much time do I have left?

You’ll realize that all your life has been lived precariously, in that stale expectancy, in the hope that someone would come back to save you…but the attempt has already cost too many lives…and the ship sails fast!

The icy waters begin to swallow you, your body paralyzed by the absence of will, and your heart races – stronger and faster than the crashing waves, as the age-old fear takes over…. and a cryptic voice rises from the abyssal depths with the last words to be heard of the Dreamer…”Finally, finally…you’ve done it.”

© Elio D’Anna – Testi; Joseph D’Anna – Musica; Sossio – Immagine