Jam Session with Rossella

Jam session with Rossella


The Golden Rules

I have gathered in these pages the story of my meeting with the Dreamer and the many years of work during which I tried to understand and apply to my life the principles of His revolutionary philosophy, to follow the luminous lines that have transformed my existence into a rich and happy destiny. In particular, some of the Dreamer’s “golden rules” and some of his ideas constituted the cornerstones of my rebirth. For them, for the strength and intelligence that they have transmitted to me, I renew my gratitude to the Dreamer forever.

Our Level of Being attracts our life, was the first of the laws I learned from Him; the one that had the most strength in overturning my old description of the world replacing it with a broad, immensely richer vision of existence.

The real obstacle to any achievement is you

We are the obstacle to all our achievements.

There is no obstacle that can prevent our evolution from the outside.

To blame others, to accuse external conditions or destiny, to feel sorry, to justify oneself, to feel offended is below the level of intelligence and dignity of a man.

Now I know that my life, in every minute detail, with all its difficulties and tragedies, until the meeting with the Dreamer, was nothing but the exact reflection of the way of thinking of the woman I was, a captive machine of destructive thoughts and negative emotions.

Thinking is Destiny. Any event in life to occur and reach us, must have our assent, must first cross our thinking. Our thinking can make us lose or win in life, our thinking can make us poor or rich, our thinking can get sick or heal us.
State and Place are one and the same thing. State is Place.

A man is admirably placed there where he is by the quality of his thinking, by the level of his being. Even outside the world assigns you the psychological place you have inside of you.