From the New Book

‘The Technology of the Dreamer’

Be Here and Now

When you realize that you are the one who creates and projects the reality you are living in, and that all depends upon you, a sense of loneliness comes and grips your “soul”.

You are alone, facing the abyss of yourself and the sense of responsibility that weighs on your shoulders.

Yet, in this moment of inner clarity you begin to see the outside world as something that is profoundly part of yourself, you begin to see that the others are none other than the faithful materialization of your inner states and moods.

Be Here and Now

And you will soon realise that the events occurring in your life are the final result of your inner states, and so, whatever happens in your life has to have your inner approval, your inner consent. — Sometimes unconsciously we dream the most horrible nightmares, which in their turn become reality.

Any event happens the way it does, because you ‘dream’ it the way it happens. If there is something you choose to experience in your life, do not desire it, but simply, be it! What you are Now, the world is unmistakably mirroring, and couldn’t do otherwise. The entire universe is impregnated with you.

This is why you are what you are – because you keep falling into this forgetfulness

You are used to moving in the world in search of experiences, with the clear conviction that it is your hunting ground. When you meet others, when you go to work or to school, when you amuse yourself in whatever way pleases you, you never look at the world as your reflection distorted by time but with the conviction that there is something to take from the outside world – a conviction that has cost you your integrity, and even your freedom.
You mark the passage of time in hours, months and years, and this is the first step of your journey through the self-created prison of identification. —And only at the hour of reckoning you realise that something doesn’t add up – that time has tricked you.
This is why you are what you are – because you keep falling into this forgetfulness, and the world is the faithful mirror of this amnesia. You shrink and drown in the lake of your own tears, you give in to the call of self-pity until you become small as an insect, lost in the crawling multitude of millions of other insects.

Behind the apparent willingness to change your life,

there is a greater determination to want to perpetuate it as it is.

The world is such because you are such.