Intuition and the Dream

Amerigo Vespucci address


A man can’t be led by the past or by the experiences he has lived. Past is dust.

On the path to integrity every moment must be new… every instant must serve to transcend the previous moment… every breath must be an act of gratitude devoted to elevating the being towards new areas of freedom

On the way to integrity he has to entrust himself to new senses: intuition, and a seventh sense, the “dream”. Give all your attention to the “dream”, to the inalienable goods, which are every man’s birthright: integrity, beauty, happiness, understanding, love, truth. Design beauty, elegance, taste, inside yourself….

A man’s educational project, which is “balanced” by apparently paradoxical qualities, is thousands of years old. An individual – a whole man is one who can harmonise in himself shrewdness and innocence, reason and intuition, financial power and love.

To do this, man needs a School.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the most impressive and……structures  in the history of architecture – what is it that makes it ‘work’ as a building – why is it considered such an important statement in the history of ecclesiastical architecture?

Despite its vast and only loosely coherent structure, its true mission hidden behind the “pretext” for realising that wonder.  The architects, artists and sculptors, the workers and labourers, were all students of such and extraordinary School – the very building was  carried out by men on the way towards integrity; students, researchers of their own indivisibility. In that construction, every detail, every stone speaks of a School and reveals its laws.

Notre Dame, and the great masterpieces in history like great works of art, great discoveries and even great, are the materialisation of eternity; they were only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the “true” work done by immortal Schools.

We need to prepare decisive men to conquer their own integrity, to free themselves from pain, fear, anxiety that each one bears inside. This is mankind’s only hope”.

The School is the quantum leap from the multitude to integrity, from conflictuality to harmony, from slavery to freedom.
Finding the School means tying yourself to the ‘dream’ with a steel cable…

Men like Amerigo Vespucci are rare.  They are single cells who have been able to break free of the mundanity of ordinary life to follow their intuition and their dream.  Amerigo Vespucci dreamed, whether he knew it or not, ‘America,’ and by following holding strongly to his intuition, and his dream he found it.  Whether or not he was the first is irrelevant.  He was an ‘explorer’ in every sense – something inside him merited recognition, and now what is considered the richest and most powerful nation in the world bears his name.

Many universities will disappear,
and very few will be entrusted with the vital task
of preparing new leaders to be such visionaries,
laic monks, perfect, invulnerable warriors,
capable of winning the challenges that our civilisation faces with new senses:
intuition, will, the “dream”