Perpetual longevity is natural


The transformation from mortality to immortality is easier than you think

Perpetual longevity is natural – death is unnatural; that is why it takes so long to die, most people exert so much effort that it causes them illness and pain.

When you release your loyalty to death, success becomes more effortless – success in any field.

All healing is temporary until we heal death

If you are dying you are unconsciously contributing to the death of everyone around you.

Once your mind and body are centered on truth and physical immortality,

you have perfect peace and health

You can never believe or achieve immortality, you can only be it. The truth is that you are always in harmony with it but you think you are not and this thought makes you miserable, and this can cause you to destroy your body.

The idea of physical immortality allows you to relax and enjoy life. It gives you time to succeed in life and achieve wealth and happiness.

Only through new ideas and conscious efforts

can any permanent change be produced.

Only intentional, conscious work on oneself could make a man capable of surviving death.

The idea of death and death itself

has been so popular for centuries because no one ever dared to question it.

Destroying the body by dying is an insult to the intelligence that created it, which is you yourself. Matter responds to the power of being. Will power, which is your being in action, directs energy and energy in turn acts upon matter. The stronger the will, the greater the force of energy and the greater the energy’s impact on material events and circumstances.