The idea of physical Immortality improves your quality of Life

Your only challenge is to accept that you are safe

War, like poverty, is not an objective status, but a subjective state of Being.

War, like poverty, is an inner matter and never an outer reality.

The world in its apparent objectivity is only a projection.

War, poverty, horrors, disease and death are only within us.

They all come from within us.

The objective world is only a reflection of your subjectivity,

and you are the only one who can heal and save the world

if you know how to heal and save yourself.

The path to travel takes the form of the traveller.

Q.: What about the media? Are they not telling us what in the world is really happening? Are they not telling us the Truth about the real conditions of the people in the world?

Elio.: No! They are just telling you about your own inner states and conditions. They are just telling you what you yourself want them to tell you. They are just giving you what you unconsciously ask for. You are so limited that you cannot see the limits that you – yes, you! – are projecting. You resist the idea that you can live as long as you would like to live, and the core of your resistance is guilt. But there’s no need to feel guilty! The guilt trip is a self-destructive feeling, which does nothing to serve yourself, other people or the planet Earth itself.

Your only challenge is to accept that you are safe. It is difficult to feel safe for you, you who where raised under the influence of mass media’s hypnotizing bombardment, which has literally brainwashed you, and everything to ensure that you could see the world only as a terrifying place.

You constantly walk around with a latent feeling of impending disaster and you desperately try to distract yourself from the horrible, overwhelming thought of death.

Your responsibilities will exponentially increase as you turn from traditional religion and embrace an individual path. Now, you are ready to recognize that you are the one who can create his own reality through the power of thought and attention. You will no longer let fear or restrictions guide your relationships or your jobs. They are not a full expression of who you are!

You will not accept anymore to live in a world predominated by the culture of death. And you will naturally abandon all forms of religion and philosophy which glorify death.

You have to realize that life is a great challenge whereas death is a relatively easy status. When you can contemplate physical Immortality, then, it will be natural to contemplate mortality, too. In this way, you will know everything about death, whether or not you question it.

When you live in a Place of pure Integrity and Freedom, your relationship with time changes: you don’t feel pressured anymore to achieve all your life’ s goals very quickly or stay busy, so that your working hard can justify your existence.

The idea of physical Immortality improves your quality of Life.

Do you know any alternative to death?

The only one is to live in The Now. Fearlessness, and with sense of trust.

Is it possible to have the conscious control on Life? Or the conscious control on health.? Or an endless sexuality.?

It is possible for Timeless People. It is possible when specific types of events are synchronized. It is possible when the Universe communicate with itself.