The healing power of sickness

Each disease hides the secret of youthing and longevity


Every disease is a healing crisis that teaches you something special. 

Every disease contains in itself the seed of greater benefit.

Every disease is a further step towards a higher order of responsibility. 

Each disease hides the secret of youthing and longevity.

Each disease is an inner victory which brings you closer to realize

that ‘living forever’ is not only possible, but inevitable.


The ultimate aim of illness is healing.  The symptoms are signs that indicate the path to healing … The illness is the cure.  Any attempt to eliminate the symptom, as all medicine does, is ignorance; along with the symptom the opportunity for a superior cure is eliminated… Even cancer is a cure.

All disease are belief systems. Total healing and permanent health is the process of allowing suppressed pain to surface and breathing it away. All death is caused not so much by pain or disease as by the fear of pain.

A perfect human Being — a candidate to Immortality — is totally pain free.

True healing is acceptance, and ultimately embrace of what you have been resisting.