Be grateful for every anguish that rises to the surface

You can observe, recognize, isolate and remove the unease…. What comes to light hidden in the maze of the psychology is what you have forgotten but is still the source of all your troubles. Learn to ambush yourself, there are not many things to remove. What obstructs the passage is a worried mind. We cannot force the healing power to flow but we can do something to lead it along the right path, moving the boulders that block  the way.

All religions, philosophies, cultures and civilizations have conspired to give to humans worried minds. None of these ideologies want your freedom. On the contrary. Everyone fears your understanding because under the light of understanding their fictions fall apart. Ideologies base their manipulation on fictions. The mind is an object of manipulation and a worried mind continues to project its shadow on everything.

Learn to remove obstacles, obstructions that prevent the great personal adventure from happening. Simply come into contact with the upper sphere of life. For this you just have to create a passage to reach it. So the task at hand is to detox and cancel your first education, to eliminate the unnecessary, the superfluous, for it allows the unity of being to happen. Every man is a protagonist who has within himself a hidden treasure that is the great personal adventure. The individual revolution helps you connect with the great adventure in each of us, your personal legend: the “dream”.

In your first education you learned dozens of ways to hurt yourself, physically, emotively, in your mind, dozens of ways to be in pain, in fear and in doubt, but you do not know any system for raising yourself.

Self-observation is self-correction.

When we observe in ourselves the victimhood, the guilt, the sense of death you automatically transform:


Victim Consciousness into Responsibility

Guiltness into Innocence

Darkness into Light

Fear into Love