God and Death

Two Immortalists at work


Everybody before Abraham lived hundreds of years

just because they didn’t believe in death.

They were living in the Now enjoying their lives.

Any death that occurred was not from age, but from accident.

Abraham brought two aspects of Life into one place: God and death together.

All organized religions, or ideologies, or any group of people, must have these two concepts to survive.  Separately they don’ t work.

God cannot exist without death and viceversa. 

It is a system to scare you, to make a need for you to obey.  They use fear and death to intimidate you, and God as the savior, who will take care of you.  It is the most productive marketing ever created in human history.

This is the only phylosophy that doesn’ t include death, nor God.  Therefore it is not a religion.  All religions are based on death, and this phylosophy is based only on Life and doesn’ t accept death as a possibility.

Today many people are confused. 

They cannot find answers, so they switch from one religion to another. 

But it doesn’ help. 

The outcome is all the same. 


Once you give up your physical body option in favor of a spiritual one, you have already decided you are going to die.  Then is only a matter of time before the body begins to deteriorate. Once you decide something, the body will create it for you.

If you want to die, the body will facilitate this process.  You have made a decision about it according to your belief system.  However, you can change it by getting rid of your inner death.  You have to totally deprogram your body.  You have to get the belief of death out of avery cell.

Death is a lie.

Ageing is a lie. 

Ageing is just a good excuse for the one who is going to die, for the one who has no possibility, no future, but only pain and misery.