The goal of the Dream is your evolution

Q. May I ask you

what is the difference between dreaming and desire?

Elio. It is easier to tell you the difference in terms of Being. The one who desires is identified and lives unconsciously guided by all that which is subject to the forces of gravity and time-memory, mechanical thought, imagination…he is a prisoner…. he is a victim.

The one who dreams instead is guided by an inner pilot who has all things aligned in ‘service’ to his one aim. His total integration…all that he encounters is carefully selected by his dream to contribute to his own inner evolution and nothing else.

Desire can be sensed by its companion anxiety…dream by its own comprehension and aspiration.

Dreaming is fueled by all-embracing Love…desire grows with Fear. To know the difference one need only take the idea object or image within himself and reflect it inside against the candle of observation.

Dream is absence of Time, and desire is Time itself.

Only what is in absence of time can realized, and that means ‘dreaming’. Your reality, whatever it is, is such because you are dreaming it as it is, and your desire to change it cannot come true because desire acts in time.

To be a King means to be in absence of time, that is fearless, guiltless, desireless, whole.

To be a King you have to love, and love like dream cannot be in time.

Love cannot be planned, organized or measured. Real love can only happen Now.

Remember! You cannot dream a Kingdom, you can only desire a Kingdom, that’ s why it can never happen. Be right Now what you want to be, and do not desire! If you are whole, in this precise instant, you will receive much more than you might ever desire.

As a worshiper of time, you’re incapable of understanding the difference between wishing and dreaming.

Any experience in desiring accomplishes in time exactly the opposite of everything that you desired and expected.

The goal of the Dream is only your evolution.