The game of Life

Dreamer sends you into the world to be tested

The Dreamer sends you into the world to be tested and will use every experience, meeting and relationship for a specific intent: your transformation.

Be aware of the hypnotic attraction of the world because it is able to kill the dream.

If the words of Dreamer do not change you, it the ruthlessness of the world will.

I warned you of the dangers of the world’s adulation, and many times I have made you a witness to the disobedience of those who, in the process of transformation, believed they could fly higher than their own capabilities.

The consequences have always been the same: the loss of everything, the tangible and intangible assets, and the inevitable return to what you were before we met.

The dream of setting us free is only for a few, and only a few among the few will be able to pass the tests that I have set on your way to face and defeat the fiercest of enemies: the idea of the inevitability of death.

Everything comes from inside.

If you understand this all fears fade away and when they will be dissolved … man will have a new name: God