The world is as it is because you are as you are.

If you understand this you cannot complain anymore, cannot blame others for what happens to you.   You cannot accuse or justify.   Your decisions, your choices – everything depends upon you.  All and everything depends upon you.   I know it is uncomfortable.  No matter what happens to you are used to blaming the weather, others, god, but never do you turn to yourself to say ‘this is my responsibility’, ‘this is my fault’.

Whatever happens outside yourself is just a reflection of what you are.  If you start to pay attention to this instant, you will see your life improve and get better and better.  You will see that you can understand things that no one else will understand, and you will have access to zones that are prohibited to many people.   If you try to understand how powerful this very moment is, you will lead others, organizations, even entire countries.  

It is not easy to do that – you have been trained to forget- you have been trained to be outside, continuously outside.  If you don’t try to remember yourself just a few moments every day, you will be projected only in the outer world.  The outer world is your god – influencing you and conditioning you all the time.  What is to blame for all this?  It is your identification with the world outside.  You do not know another life. You do not know how to move things outside yourself through your inner transformation.  

You believe that you are already complete – everybody believes this.  You go to school to learn something, but that is horizontal.   I am telling you about something that is vertical to time.  Vertical to time means timelessness, absence of time, that’s why I’m telling you to pay attention to this very moment.

As you are, the world outside yourself is a kind of boss that guides you whatever you do, think, and feel.   All comes from outside.  If you turn world upside down and look at it with different eyes the world will know you are different.

If you do not give attention to this inner world, you will get lost in the crowd – in confusion – in ordinary life where nothing happens. I am talking to those who are aspiring to be free – for those who want to create their own businesses and govern their own lives. I’m talking to those who want to manifest themselves – their dreams.  A dreamer cannot be governed by anything or anybody.

I am talking to the ones who want to express their own uniqueness -originality, because each of you is unique – and if you don’t give attention to this inner world your uniqueness will be lost in the innermost recesses of your being.  It will never come out.

If you forget your inner world you will fail.

Try to find your uniqueness within yourself – you will see the world will respond to that. The world is as you dream it.  

Probably your parents will tell you that you have not to dream- you have to be concrete…you have to be practical.  I am telling you to be practical you have to Dream.  Moreover, if you don’t you will just be a victim – a slave of all that happens outside yourself.

(Elio invites questions)

Q.  Don’t you think the description our family and friends give us – our ‘imprinting’ is important for us to establish order in our lives when we are young?

A.  You have to understand that the ideas and the emotions and thoughts you have are thing you have just imitated, copied.   There is nothing original in you.  It is difficult to understand something like this, but you are just repeating ideas and principles and strategies and all that comes from outside.  It is second-hand knowledge – nothing that comes from you.  I’d like you to be very close to yourself to understand that what you are is just a copy of what the others gave you – teachers, professors, environment, parents friends – you are not that uniqueness I am talking about.

Q.  Don’t you think that everyone has something to offer – to give you?  How can you just ignore the world around you?

A.  The people you are talking about are not unique.  They can have different eyes and nose, but they never found their inner uniqueness, because when you touch it you are a genius.  The people around are not geniuses, they are just carbon copies of each other.  I believe in your inner uniqueness, I really believe that, but you have to find it. You haven’t found it yet – no one has found it.  It is buried deep within.  The day you are in touch with your inner uniqueness the world will be different.

In 2002, the New York center was in the Twin Towers.  I asked to move our students out of there just two months before the great disaster.  Was there a reason for this?  I’d found another place, then we were in the Empire state and now we are in Trump Tower.  Do you remember the disaster (consent from the students)  Why do you move like this?  Because there is something within yourself that is telling you that you have to do something.  You don’t know what is going to happen, but if you listen to yourself, to your inner sincerity you will see that you will decide things that you never could in another state – a fearful state.  So you must first of all enter into yourself and see that you are free of any doubt or fear, then you can decide and you will see that whatever you will decide is always for the better and comes for your advantage.  Try to ‘get it’. You will see that we enter into accidents because we want to. Death is always a suicide.  

The day that you will integrate yourself, the day that you will be touching your uniqueness you will never enter into any accident at all.  Please follow what I am saying and try to discuss.  Try to fight it even, this is good.  This meeting will never be forgotten if something happens.