The secret of all secrets,


… then nothing could defeat you


Lupelians always left the battlefield more victorious than ever, because they had learned, through living an impeccable discipline and incorruptible Life, the secret of all secrets: fearlessness. Then nothing could defeat them. Victory after victory they marched into the ‘unknown’ towards new adventures and challenges that could sharpen and bring forth the best in them.

For a warrior there is nothing more glorious than a battle which arrives unprovoked and opens for him the gates of heaven. A warrior faces the battle of life remaining imperturbable in happiness and pain, in gain and loss, in victory and in defeat.  

 When pain comes, don’ t try to interpret it, don’ t try to change it, or to go beyond or to be free of it.

Just be totally aware of it.

Pain can only exist in time. If you observe the pain very attentively, the boundaries of time will come to an end. To be aware or attentive means to look or to listen without any interpretation, without any judgment or criticism, that means to look without all the conditionings of the one who is in pain without his fears, his anxieties, his worries, and enter into a totally different vision-dimension.