Economics is a Way of Thinking


Culture and the Economics of Peace

At the beginning of the new millennium, the human species is still in a state of transition between the past and the future, and in many respects, is still in the infancy of consciousness. Of the old humanity it retains the obsolete psychology that operates with conflictual logic and feeds through its armed rationality the game of opposites, calling civilisation the wars conducted in a predatory spirit. Even science is the product of the juxtaposition of antagonistic concepts, ethics dividing good and evil, aesthetics indicating what is beautiful and what is ugly, and philosophy establishing what is truth and what is not.

As long as humanity remains conflicted, a victim of fear and pain, economics will always coincide with poverty and crime. This is the root of the perennial poverty and crime of vast regions of the world that will continue as long as the region of mankind remains armed and as long as the eternal antagonisms such as poverty and wealth continue to fight each other and not only in the visible world but in the consciousness of men, together with good and evil, pain and pleasure, hate and love.


Economics is a way of thinking.

Economics is a reflection of our way of thinking and feeling,

our beliefs and our value system.


Economics is a reflection of our way of thinking and feeling, our beliefs and our moral value system.

As long as man’s psychology is sick, war, poverty, crime and pain will continue to be the pillars of the world economy. And that is precisely why there is an economy of disease, just as there is an economy of death and an economy of poverty.

Legions of young people are enlisted every day in the sad army of adults, educated in schools that do not perpetuate the culture of love and freedom, carrying on professions and roles of an economy fuelled by pain and fear.


Thinking is Destiny.

By the way we think and feel, we have mapped out our destiny to date. That is why, if we can think in a new way, we have the power to change the future, thereby changing the economy and the financial destiny of an entire country.

All the schools and universities in the world perpetuate and spread the old way of thinking. They are the guardians of the old humanity that bases its feelings and thoughts on one fundamental element, namely the idea that death is inevitable.

Believing and creating is the same thing divided only by time. Whatever I see is a creature of my belief…


To believe is to create.


Believing and creating are two sides of the same coin manifested at different times. If nothing else will kill us first, it is the idea of the inevitability of death that will do it. This explains why even today a large part of the economy is the product of the death industry.

Man’s logic is conflictual, his rationality is armed, his psychology is incomplete. That is why our economy is still a primitive, if not downright criminal, activity. Old humanity is only able to make a profit from division, from misfortune, from friction between opposites. Huge mechanisms, such as war, genocide, poverty – driven by blind destructiveness, selfishness and vanity – have so far been the only known means of achieving higher levels of progress and economic prosperity. It is enough to look at what happened to the economies of countries that were subjugated, and came out practically destroyed, in every respect, from the Second World War: Germany, Japan, Italy.

Unconsciously but periodically humanity activates a destructive mechanism in order to move forward. It knows no other way.

The economy of the future, an economy of well-being,

can and must be created by men capable of love, by Dreamers.

To fight and defeat poverty in the world we must increase our intellectual capacity, nourish and elevate our Being. Poverty and crime are diseases of Being. The individual has to make a reversal: he has to free his psychology from conflicting thoughts, negative emotions, above all to put aside doubts, fear, and his consciousness of scarcity. This is the individual revolution: a revolution of being.

The smallest movement in the level of being moves mountains in the world of economics and finance, erasing the historical poverty of nations and entire civilisations and leading eras of war and fear towards peace.