Dream and reality are one and the same

This realization has the power to transform your dream


Dream and Reality are One

A whole man does not decide or chose – there is no division – He only Dreams.

The one who Dreams gives direction to his life.   When you dream you realize that you are not divided.

In the ordinary man things happen accidentally


The world of events is a game you have created because you are not able to touch invisibility – not able to go deep within yourself and stay there – not able to taste and savor the absence of time.  Knowing yourself is not possible – you can only know what you are not.

There is no need to die to see if living forever is possible

– you have only to demonstrate that you can live forever.  

Physical immortality  

– is a state of being.

In this moment there is only joy.

Q. But I want to understand”… How can I live without emotions, without thoughts without a personality to meet and deal with the world around me?

Elio. There is another dimension that sees your future… another dimension that contains you. However, from where you are now, living in a flat-two dimensional world you cannot fathom a third dimension let alone the fourth – which is time.  How could you ever imagine it’s absence? Deductive reasoning would be enough to make you realize this, because thought and reality are one.

Q. What use is this understanding?   Does it make money?”

Elio. Think what power a timeless, thoughtless, emotionless man would have over those who live in a world of flatness!   Superior powers and infinite possibilities! If you broaden your horizons, your rise to new dimensions – the greater your vision, your dream… The wider and more intelligent your reality.

A Dreamer will always have the advantage over a man whose dream is buried.
Only if you Are, you can do – be if you are you can only do, you can have – you can only have what you are – see how important the Being is.