Dr. Jackyll and Mr. Hyde

The fear of meeting our own fear

There is a part of us that we don’t recognise, Mr Hyde, a criminal part, a shadow, the dark side, who we are forced to meet.

That which our psychology refused to meet, to recognise, inside us, we must meet externally as an antagonist. Indeed the antagonist is not an opposite part, he contrasts so as to allow us to recognise ‘the shadow‘ inside ourselves.

The fear of meeting our own fear, meeting uncertainty, makes a man (who in the New Testament is called “the rich man”) build an apparatus to avoid meeting the dark side of himself.

But our psychology is dual, bipolar, dichotomous, in the moment in which it shows itself it cannot help but produce contrasts.. and that dark side, that we don’t want to get to know, is revealed, as if it were arriving from the outside world… The world is revealed through negativity and unpleasant events precisely because of this ignorance about ourselves…

If the world is the reflection of our being,

it reflects it entirely. The world balanced perfectly with our psychology. If there are dark sides to our psychology they are reflected in the world as contrasts, in the form of the antagonist. By the law of equilibrium:

If you fail to recognize the negative aspects of your psychology, the shadow, you have to meet it “out there”.

An accident, a financial crisis is the careful, meticulous expression that something is missing in our psychology.. they are symptoms that show themselves to heal our unwholiness.

A financial crack brings understanding and a illness makes us sincere, honest, whole. They are the opportunity to balance something missing in our psychology, that makes us unwhole.



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