The double attention

The real action is the uncovering of your will

The terrible condition of man is that of being the author of the world in which he lives and at the same time the victim of his own creation… in an endless free fall…
Who is aware cannot distract himself for a second. He knows that if he falls down there he will be helpless… ’Down there,’ means an inferno with all its accidents, betrayals, sicknesses, deaths…
Drugs have worked to temporarily block out external reality… to stop that state of identification with the world that puts you in a state of expectation and dependence.
But at the same time they substitute one dependence with another putting us in a state of suspension from which you would not ever want to return. Their function is to make us realize the irreality of the world outside us… that it is inexistent and virtual yet governs all our lives.

The ideal drug, if such a thing exists would consent to give attention to the ordinary activities that you have to carry out, and to the obligations and at the same time to maintain an attention to an internal world and permit us to enter into this infinity at will.

In reality the Work is just this  to be in the world but to not belong to not identify with the world keeping an arrow pointed towards yourself.  A double attention.  Realizing that the real action, the way to intervene in that game of light and shade  projected on the screen of the world, is an inner action… the transformation of oneself.

When you will have eliminated every state of identification you will realize as the Dreamer did that everything comes from you, that there is no room to receive but only to give.  You will be a luminous egoist sealed in yourself that gives only, dreams only, loves only.  This is paradise.

The full realization that the world does not do…
It is a projection of the being that obeys perfectly to your only command.