Dedicate to immortality

Questions and Answers

Q. How would you describe the 70s, that you lives as a young Italian musician?

Elio. At that time we thought about changing everything, we were against the world, we looked for a method that usually was embodied into political movements, social commitment and fight for equality and equal opportunities transformed ideologies into battles.

That was the field of battle, we were the warriors fighting on the first line. Then the years of lies came, years of flower children, of looking for shelter in music and sex, it was another description similar to that of politics, but this research let a better approach to yourself.


Q. Is it then that you met the guru of musicians ad Sri Chinmoy is defined?

Elio. Yes. I was in a period of strong growth, I was beginning to meditate, I used to read a lot. Then the research of a master began, of a guru, but not to be a disciple, the important for me was getting closer to myself.

Q. Can we say that only when the individual is ready can find the Master?

Elio. You are the one who moves the threads of the world. Think about the quantum jump!

The goal, the target is always the same, changing the world, changing what you don’t like. After having tried with every technique, only dissatisfaction remains, because it’s impossible to change the world outside.

There’s a parable in the Gospel that says men can not pour new wine into old wineskins…

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a state that you don’t even know where it comes from, a state of powerlessness and you repeat to yourself, it’s me, it’s me generating all this but you don’t know how to change it.

The true changing happens through the attention towards this state of powerlessness.

Q. Then is unhappiness a very important starting point?

Elio. Yes. Being aware f having limits is a good thing because limits show the way, signal the visible path, I’ve seen people praying, meditating for long hours, renouncing the world… but is completely useless because instead of running we need to get closer to this unhappiness, to this state of nausea and death.

Q. So we don’t have to try distancing ourselves from unhappiness when it comes?

Elio. No. No one ever says: are you unhappy? Well, try to be even more unhappy.

We need to have towards ourselves a strong determination of throwing ourselves in the abyss, in the mouth of evil. Without blaming the others. Let’s touch this physical pain that wrongly we believe comes from the outside.

Touch it and realize that the pain is inside, it has always been there with the nausea, the disgust, the fear, where we should never win, where we are always defeated. What a revolution touching unhappiness!

How determined are you to touch this pain? Get rid of everything and dive into pain. You’ll figure out that there’s nothing, it’s only a shadow, a pale and far description that governs and has governed all our life. It’s a big lie that pens the doors of paradise. And now the world is at your service, friendship, love, beauty, richness, everyone and everything works for you. Everything.

Q. What you describe seems so easy!

Elio. Remember this, in the hard moments is nearly impossible. In the hard moments things get bigger and perpetuate when the opportunity is there instead.

Feeling even more the pain… instead of running away from it…

When you are in state of blessing you’ll look for the pain inside of you and you’ll never find it anymore. The awareness is light, it’s like looking for shadow with a torch. If you carry light in the darkness is not dark anymore. Even quantum physics is discovering that what we observe changes depending on the observer.

The Dreamer says something more, h says that the observer creates what is observed. This will of meeting with the darkness, with ghosts and pain makes you rich. I feel sick… Perfect! See if you can feel even worse and being even more in pain! The trick is knowing that evil doesn’t exist.

Q. But how can you say that hunger in the world doesn’t exist or that right now there are no wars and diseases!

Elio. Fear, pain, wars and poverty are the result of a description, of an imagination. Reality is the movie of what we are.

The world is the projection of this state of being.

I know that it is difficult to listen to my words, however if you can’t contact the internal pain you will never get rid of the enormous quantity of energy buried inside of you. Paradoxically, it’s more painful, more monstrous and stronger the fantastic realization of understanding that it doesn’t exist.

Q. Obviously what you described is a process connected to a personal growth, but how can we actually do it and live following those indications?

Elio. You’ve lived a whole life with the description of being menaced by a world that wants to take everything from you, especially what you think you own. The only way to solve you problems is a state of awareness, where you understand that things start to work and gain value. Let’s give clarity to ourselves first and the world afterwards. Jump into the deepest agony, in the most painful parts, in the darkest meander of being and you’ll only find light and, when you’ll train yourself to this sport, you’ll see you’ll dive in the feeling of death that since the beginning is menacing you and you’ll find the absence of death. Death will not touch you. Neither you, nor those close to you…