Be certain, feel safe

Observe the doubt, put it in the crosshairs of your attention and hit it.


You will enter a state of security, you will feel safe. There is nothing more powerful.

And there is no greater wealth.

Its value is incalculable. 

“The sense of safety is timeless, is the eternity itself.ed.”

One can only be certain in the absence of time. Doubt, duality, internal yes’s and no’s are children of time. Conflicts, accidents and disasters are also all in time.

The state of certainty is a state of victory…

When you have won yourself from the world there are no more ‘no’s’ coming from you. 

Be certain, feel safe. There is no greater power.

Eternity. Infinity, immortality must be sustained by a state of certaintyed. Without this everything is precarious, insignificant, risky… everything is in the balance. Uncertainty, fear, suspicion, are the creatures born of the doubt that we have always carried within us. 

Think how great this discovery is. There is nothing else to think about, to devote oneself to.

Just make sure you are in this state: to feel safe, to be certain. Wealth, beauty, happiness are a natural, spontaneous product of this state.

Find the doubt that devours you inside. Behind this shadow, behind this phantom hides that state of certainty which is like a sun obscured by a small cloud. It is this that brings us all-round wealth, that makes us masters of being and of the visible and invisible world.

To conquer this state of certainty is more than difficult, it is impossible… like realising the totality of oneself. A vision shrunk by doubt cannot contain totality, the state of certainty, of permanent victory, of total responsibility.

For those possessed by time it is impossible even to imagine totality.

Totality cannot be taught.

One can only be total.

If I speak to you about this, it is not to teach you totality but to make you aware of what is happening at this moment. 

But you affirm, you cultivate, you perpetuate your condition of doubt and you would like the ability to realise all that you dream of. You experience partiality, you are divided, fragmented and you complain because you would like the power of doing. But the power of doing is not divided from being. Being, knowing, doing, having are one. 

You would like a special life. But a life is special only when you realise your totality. 

This moment… when the world is sleeping… is the most precious…

Words cannot express this and yet what is happening here, now, has changed our destiny. It would be powerful to see the images of our parallel life unfold like a big screen, to have a vision of what our existence would have been without these moments, without these words…  

One day this state of certainty, of absence of time, of absence of death, this silence, this powerful immobility that ‘does’ without doing, you will have to know how to produce it for yourselves…