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Questions and Answers


Q. As a young man I felt of power and victory in me, but for many years now I’ve been feeling that the perception of being “invincible” and I seldom feel the certainty that everything is possible for me, while the problems of every day take over.

Elio. Ceasing to dream means forgetting that the world is only a description and that the identification with it makes you a victim of your own projections. You’ll stay for years in this state of forgetfulness until you let the Dreamer in you wake up.

Expand your Vision until your whole body with every organ, muscle, fibre and cells down to the very last atom, is overwhelmed by the Light of your Dream. When Dreaming is set in motion, all things are possible.

Your Dreaming contains all the scientific principles for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Q. You say that the dream is the most real thing there is, then reality is not real?

Elio. When reality appears, the body and the world are reflection of your own dream. The dream is not a state of being, it contains all states and is subordinate to nothing. It is entirely uncaused, independent, complete in itself, beyond time and space, thought and matter. When all names and forms have been given up, and all searching for truth and perfection stops, reality appears.

Be Here and Now, and you will soon realise that the events occurring in your life are the final result of your inner states, and so, whatever happens in your life has to have your inner approval, your inner consent. Sometimes unconsciously we dream the most horrible nightmares, which in their turn become reality. In other words, any event happens the way it does, because you ‘dream’ it the way it happens. If there is something you choose to experience in your life, do not desire it, but simply, be it! What you are Now, the world is unmistakebly mirroring, and couldn’t do otherwise. The entire universe is impregnated with you.