The Antagonist

The Antagonist is you!

“Your intelligence will grow with his power.

Your power with his intelligence.

Because the Antagonist is you!”

The Antagonist, the enemy, is an important fuel.

The more vicious is the Antagonist’s attack, the higher is our level of responsibility.

The Antagonist measures us, reveals us and finally forms us.

The Antagonist becomes more and more invisible.

The higher our level of responsibility the more invisible the Antagonist.

A neighbour’s insult will one day become the assault to our portable heavens.

Do not fear the Antagonist! The Antagonist is our greatest alley…

He knows more than we know the way to integrity, the way to wholeness.

Underneath his viciousness lies our most faithful servant.

The only and sole goal of the Antagonist, despite his viciousness, is our victory…

The Antagonist has all the instruments and methods to allow you make your ‘dream’ come true…

Nobody, nothing in the world, can love you more than the Antagonist.

The Antagonist knows everything about you and does all for you,,,

Because you are his reason of being…

Do not fear the Antagonist!

“The Antagonist, the enemy, is a special propellant. The greater our degree of responsibility, the more ruthless the Antagonist’s attack”

“Fear not the Antagonist! Behind his apparent ruthlessness hides your greatest ally, your most faithful servant. The Antagonist’s sole and unique aimis your victory….”.